Law Firm Management Strategy: Leading UK Law Firm Offers Expansion or Exit Route For Legal Firms

O’Neill Patient Solicitors to offer expansion help or an exit route to other legal firms

Law Firm Management Strategy: Leading UK Law Firm Offers Expansion or Exit Route For Legal Firms 9

One of the UK’s leading conveyancing solicitors, O’Neill Patient LLP (ONP) is prepared to provide help or an exit route to other legal firms.  Following its purchase of South East based Cavendish Legal Group, which completed in June, it has said that it has been approached by a number of other law firms who are looking for an exit route or the opportunity to be part of a bigger entity.

With the ending of the furlough scheme approaching at almost the same time that law firms’ Professional Indemnity (PI) renewals are due, several firms appear to be questioning whether they want to continue with the same business model. The firms approaching the ONP Group say they would like to be part of a larger firm that can help them to take some of the headaches away and potentially provide them with an exit route.

ONP is a top 100 legal firm which specialises in conveyancing services for residential and commercial sale, purchase, remortgage and lease extensions. It is also one of the top two largest conveyancing firms in the UK. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it one of the most efficient conveyancers in the country, providing clients with innovation, speed and the highest quality service. 

Cavendish Legal Group, known for its high-end property and business advice, is already benefiting from ONP Group’s technology, which has been continually developed over the last 20 years. This technology, together with the robust management team at ONP, is helping to accelerate the growth that Cavendish has experienced every year for the past seven years. 

Andy Scaife, CEO of ONP says, “With the unwinding of the furlough scheme happening at the same time PI renewals are becoming due, it is becoming clear that there are a number of legal firms, with good solid businesses, for whom the figures just may not stack up, who want an exit route or who want help achieving their growth plans. 

“Following our purchase of Cavendish Legal, it became clear that we are in a position to help and to really add some value to firms that need it. So we want to let it be known that we are here to listen, to provide options and help and even provide an exit route to founders and partners at the right firms who desire this.”

People interested in having a confidential conversation with ONP can phone Andy Scaife on: 0161 694 3203  

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