Law Videos, Inc. and IP1 Network Announce Joint-Venture Agreement

MIAMI and BOCA RATON, Fla., July 22, 2008 – LAWFUEL – Legal Announcement Service – Law Videos and
IP1 Network today announced the formation of a joint-venture company based on LVI’s video information website. IP1 Network, an integrated applications service provider, brings value by leveraging LVI’s service capabilities and infrastructure into its own platform, thus strengthening the joint-venture company.

“As telecommunications ties directly into legal services and thus legal information, this symbiotic relationship between LVI and IP1 benefits both entities substantially,” said Jad Haydin, LVI’s COO. “In addition to its track record in the telecommunications industry, IP1 will provide the technological commitment necessary for VidCom International, LLC, to innovate and grow, which will benefit current and future customers as well as the public in general.”

About Law Videos, Inc.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a revolutionary legal information website which is video-based. The website provides immediate answers to volumes of general legal questions, on a variety of topics, such as personal injury, real estate, criminal law, etc., in a clear, crisp, video format, available entirely free of charge to the user. simulates a free “information session” between a lawyer and a “client,” providing them specific information. The website also allows attorneys to exclusively sponsor video content for their preferred specialty of law for their preferred zip-code, thus, not changing the way prospective clients research and contact attorneys, but enhancing the process. LVI currently has a strategic content provider partnership with YouTube/Google under the “How-To” category. This partnership is one of only 600 international content providers on YouTube/Google.

Law Videos has already proven its business model with marketing sponsorship opportunities to attorneys in Florida and California and anticipates opening access for the general public as well as offering sponsorship opportunities to attorneys nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2008.

About IP1 Network Corp.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, IP1 has built an integrated IP applications service platform capable of quickly deploying, provisioning, and managing a complete set of IP voice, data and video communications services for domestic and international enterprise customers. IP1’s team consists of veteran entrepreneurs with a deep know-how of IP-based solutions and understanding of the telecommunication services market, both domestic and abroad.

Vidcom will raise the working capital to execute its business plan by offering investors the option to acquire membership interests into Vidcom, convertible into common stock of IP1’s publicly traded parent company, Tradequest International. Vidcom is currently negotiating with a renowned law firm to brand its website and leverage the firm’s relationship with major service companies in the legal industry. A deal may be consummated by the fourth quarter of ’08.

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