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LAWFUEL – Business & Law News Service – Whitcoulls, one of New Zealand’s leading and longest established specialty retail chains, has this month launched a dynamic new customer rewards programme.

‘Whitcoulls Rewards’ will offer a unique shopping experience with members receiving loyalty points, special privileges, rewards, prizes and benefits communicated to them on their state-of- the-art thermochromic Whitcoulls Rewards ‘smart’ card.

Importantly, customers can use their Whitcoulls Rewards card to receive benefits when they make a purchase from all categories offered by Whitcoulls in-store. The new Whitcoulls Rewards card replaces the current single-category paper based bonus stamp cards which can now be swapped across to the new card enabling those customers to be rewarded across all category purchases in store

Whitcoulls Rewards is simplicity itself. Whitcoulls customers will earn points whenever they spend $5 or more in person at a Whitcoulls store. Each dollar a customer spends earns them one point. And every 100 points earns the customer a $5 Rewards voucher that can be redeemed when purchasing further items in store. It doesn’t matter whether they are buying Books, DVDs, Stationery, Gift Wrap, Greeting Cards or Magazines. The only exclusions are Phone Cards, Lotto tickets & Gift Vouchers.

Using the Whitcoulls Rewards card will also entitle customers to win instant prizes in-store, receive exclusive offers and be invited to author events and movie previews. At the time of transaction, the customer’s Whitcoulls Rewards card is swiped through a counter-top unit and is instantly updated with both the number of points earned and any special offers available. A key element of the innovative Graphicard™ loyalty marketing platform developed by Visible Results is the compact terminal which delivers relevant tailored messages, offers, and promotions printed to both the face of the Whitcoulls Rewards card and to vouchers via the terminal’s integrated thermal printer.

Whitcoulls Rewards members will also receive a regular complimentary email newsletter featuring the latest new releases, exclusive member offers and promotions, updates on what is happening in-store, and advance notice of Whitcoulls major sales.

“Members of this unique and highly engaging Whitcoulls Rewards programme will not only be instantly recognized and rewarded in-store, and kept up-to-date on their favourite areas of interest”, said Nick Foster, General Manager – Visible Results, “but every time they shop they will have the chance to win.”

“The customer data and profiling we are now able to access through Visible Results will have a significant impact on our buying, marketing and in-store merchandising – it will change the way we do business”, stated Whitcoulls’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Justin Boyes.

Whitcoulls Group Limited
Whitcoulls is a long established nationwide book and stationery chain with the largest share of the New Zealand market. Within the Whitcoulls division, Bennetts Tertiary sells textbooks and related course materials to students and other campus users.

Whitcoulls is a division of the A&R Whitcoulls Group (ARW) Limited.

Contact: Dorothy Vinicombe, PR, Whitcoulls. M: +64-294-988-150 or [email protected]

Visible Results Limited
Visible Results is a leading developer of unique loyalty marketing programs that provide innovative relationship marketing solutions for retailers and other consumer-facing branded businesses. Visible Results’ global organisation supports a broad spectrum of clients across the specialty retail, mass merchandising and shopping centre sector in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Asia and the Middle East.

Visible Results are the global provider of the unique Graphicard™ solution.

Contact: Nick Foster, General Manager, Visible Results Limited, +64-9-980-9848 or [email protected]

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