– Anna Nicole Smith’s final days were lived out with a h… – Anna Nicole Smith’s final days were lived out with a high fever, stomach flu, an infection on her buttock and living amid a flurry of pill bottles, soda cans, gum and tablets, according to a detailed autopsy report.

She also died accidentally, of a drug overdose based on at least nine prescription drugs.

She had refused to go to hospital three days before her death, preferring to remain in her littered hotel room, sweating out her painful illness. One of the prescription drugs included her sleep syrup that she swigged from the bottle.

Broward County Medical Examiner Dr Perper’s listed every mark on the former Playboy model’s body, even tattoos. Smith’s body art included the words “Daniel” and “Papas,” a pair of red lips, a Playboy bunny, a combination of a Christ head, a bible, a naked women’s torso and a smiling Marilyn Monroe among others.

Interestingly, among the list of drugs Anna Nicole Smith took in the days leading up to her death was a growth hormone — making it the third weight loss product Smith had taken during her reign as TRIMSPA spokesperson.

Police found no apparent signs of foul play, and Dr Perper also ruled Smith’s death probably was not a suicide because people who take their own lives typically use much more lethal drugs than chloral hydrate.
He said Smith might have been simply unaware that the sedative could be fatal in combination with multiple other prescriptions she was taking in normal doses for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

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