– Attorney General Alberto Gonzales clung to his job today… – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales clung to his job today as a raft of 3000 pages of emails and other material shows his prospects of having his US Attorney sackings sustained was increasingly strained.

Reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had added her voice to the growing chorus of discontent over the Justice Department’s firing of eight federal prosecutors simply reinforced the feelings that the End Time for the Attorney General is near.

The 3,000 pages released Monday night to Congress showed the manner in which the firings had been held was a mish mash of different agendas and explanations, which have only served to all but undermine the credibility of the Attorney General.

Although Justice Department officials insist the documents back up their assertion that performance issues, not politics, were the driving force behind the dismissals, others beg to differ.

In fact, equally adament assertions from some US Attorneys about the firings simply add to the confused mess and the strong suggestion from many that in fact politics played a major part in the sackings.

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