– Hot Files – Okay, so email policies and email etique… – Hot Files – Okay, so email policies and email etiquette are for wimps – so here’s a young hot-blooded kiwi buck wanting a bit of down-and-dirty with an apparently equally hot-to-trot lady across town. The answer: A no-strings sex invite via the firm’s email. Okay too, he was rebuffed with a loser alert from the lady spoiler, but who cares? He must be white-listing women all over town who have seen the email without even getting it. Now that’s technology.

So what did it say?

“In terms of ‘relationship’, I was never looking for anything long term, more like a “friends with benefits”. I was being the ultimate nice guy because I thought that is what you wanted to hear aka lunches, coffee and david hasselhoff long walks along the beach.

“Really I thought you were hot and was sure you’d be a rocket in the sack, which I think you would be.

“At the end of the day we are both really busy and don’t have time for anything else but a bit of good hearted action . . . but either way I’m still a good c*nt (ask anyone who has every met me) and your a cool chick who is pretty hot.

“So if we had just put our cards on the table from the start we would probably be hooking up now with no complications. My offer is fully open so I hope its not awkward for you because it won’t be for me if I see you, I’ll just be trying to pick you up.”

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