– It was a case that hit the high notes in terms of artist… – It was a case that hit the high notes in terms of artists’ requests – think J.Lo on a good day – but ultimately a win for New Zealand Diva Dame Kiri Te Kanawa when she objected to performing with songster John Farnham partly because of the underwear-throwing from his female fan base.

Her first-class hotel suite had to have windows that opened, the photos of her needed to be more flattering, the orchestra should be a particular pitch, and she would approach the stage from a certain direction.

But despite making many detailed requests about a planned concert series with John Farnham, New Zealand diva Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, or her manager, had not yet agreed she would perform with him.

When she cancelled after months of negotiations, she said it was because no program of songs had been decided. She also made it clear she did not like Farnham’s “chatty” style, and that he had held up women’s knickers like a trophy on stage. Furthermore, he failed to attend a planned meeting because he was afraid to fly during an electrical storm despite other planes flying.

Yesterday the Supreme Court found the soprano, her manager, and Mittane, the company that employed her, had not breached any contracts or laws when she pulled out of the Sydney and Melbourne concerts planned for February 2005.

But Leading Edge Events, the promoters which tried to organise the Two Great Voices concerts, succeeded in winning almost $130,000 compensation for costs, mainly for planning a sponsors’ launch.

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