– Legal News Daily – Oracle accused arch-rival SAP of “cor… – Legal News Daily – Oracle accused arch-rival SAP of “corporate theft on a grand scale” in a lawsuit filed Thursday against the German software company.

The Redwood City software maker said SAP used the log-ins of soon-to-be-ex-Oracle customers to download thousands of copyrighted software products and support materials from Oracle’s own customer support systems, according to the complaint.

Oracle, which declined to comment beyond the complaint itself, filed the suit in Federal District Court in the Northern District of California, alleging that SAP violated the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and California Computer Data Access and Fraud Act and engaged in unfair competition and civil conspiracy.

“We have just been notified of the lawsuit, and have taken note of Oracle’s news release and what is on its Web site. We are still reviewing the matter, and, until we have a chance to study the allegations, SAP will follow its standard policy of not commenting onpending litigation,” said an SAP spokesman.

Oracle built its fortune on database software, but has spent well over $20 billion acquiring application software companies during the past three years, trying to catch up with SAP, the leader in that market.

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