– See “Hot Gossip” – The highly-inspired, original thinker… – See “Hot Gossip” – The highly-inspired, original thinker known as “Miss Alice”, a practising Kiwi lawyer who cannot now practice law for three months following a Court ordered suspension, is to do two things for which we can only be highly critical: One, the moustachioed former Bob Moodie, goat farmer, mayor, engineer, former police officer and . . he, did we mention? . . lawyer, is to change his name back to, well, Bob Moodie. Why do that? Miss Alice has so much more cachet and he’s developed a wardrobe to kill for.

Second, Miss Alice (because that is his legal name, and we intend using it) will also go back on his word to give up law. Why, too? He has so much more to offer the world – why not develop his multi-talents in so many other ways. We can only dispair. Wonderland is maybe not so bloody wonderful, after all.

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