– See’s ‘Hot Files’ – Russian Multi-Billionair… – See’s ‘Hot Files’ – Russian Multi-Billionaire Roman Abramovich’s wife Irina appears to have made a legally-disastrous strategic mistake, by divorcing her husband in the wrong jurisdiction. Honestly, where do these billionaires get their legal advice, anyway?

Irina, pissed at having Roman strolling hand-in-hand with 25 year old beauties is now doubly annoyed at losing out on a potential £5 billion fortune.

has lost out on a potential fortune by getting divorced in Russia instead of going through the English family courts.

Her agreement to split with the Chelsea Football Club owner in their native country prevents details of the separation becoming public.

But speculation in London was that Mrs Abramovich may have ended up far short of getting 50 per cent of the £10.8 billion her husband is reputed to be worth. The Times reports that while some thought she may have received £1.5 billion, James Stuart, a divorce lawyer specialising in Russian clients, was quoted saying it could have been as little as £150 million.

While his wife indulges in shopping trips to Harrods, Abramovich has been treating himself to a fleet of yachts, jet aircraft, helicopters and elite cars as well as the Chelsea Football Club. With such a huge personal fortune, he is unlikely to need to sell any to finance the settlement.

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