LAWFUEL – Finance Law News – We are pleased to announce that Han…

LAWFUEL – Finance Law News – We are pleased to announce that Hannah Terhune will be moderating a conference at the Financial Due Diligence conference on April 24 and 25, 2007 at the Hotel InterContinental in Miami, Florida. Ms. Terhune will be moderating on the topic, “Hedge Fund Due Diligence: Onshore and Offshore.” Ms. Terhune is an expert on the topic of Hedge Fund Due Diligence and has written an educational article on the subject. Click here to read this informative article.

At this conference, you will have the opportunity to learn how to identify, manage and avoid unnecessary risk in banking, international finance, and general business from over 40 speakers, from the private and public sectors in both offshore and onshore domiciles.

Two days of no-nonsense information & practical due diligence tactics to limit your liability under banking and general legislation and to prevent your unwitting involvement in securities fraud, investment fraud and money laundering.


Financial Crime – The Last 12 Months
A review of recent developments in financial crime, investigations and compliance.

Liability & Jurisdiction: Who is Liable When Fraud is Committed & How do Courts Determine Jurisdiction?
A discussion of the legal standards that must be satisfied to hold banks, auditors, brokers, financial service providers, and professional advisors accountable for fraud that is committed by their clients.

Multi-Jurisdiction Investigations: How to Obtain Information Outside Your Territory
Regulators and investigators discuss the obstacles in civil and criminal cross-border investigations.

Hedge Fund Due Diligence: Onshore & Offshore
An Overview of the Hedge Fund industry – its significance and what you need to know about it; Onshore versus Offshore Considerations – what are the key differences between onshore and offshore domiciled funds; Hedge Fund Failure – reasons for hedge fund failure, including overview of recent high profile cases, and lessons learned; Researching management; and Verifying NAVs.

Understanding Offshore Insurance
Panel discusses the fascinating and complicated world of offshore insurance.

Russian Clients: How To Evaluate Them
This session will go into what steps you can take to help you determine whether a Russian client is worth the risk.

On Special in Aisle 4: Offshore Bank Licenses
A look at the investigation and criminal prosecution of Jerome Schneider, who used to make a living from forming offshore banks en masse in lightly-regulated jurisdictions and selling them to U. S. residents, several of whom then used them for illegal purposes.

International Pre-Employment & Vendor Screening
Panelists will show you how to conduct thorough background checks, using databases, sources, and other tools & techniques, to minimize your risks of making mistakes when hiring employees or entering into business relationships.

United States Senate vs. Offshore Financial Centers
Chief Investigator for the Senate Subcommittee joins regulators in offshore financial centers to discuss its findings from a report entitled ‘Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, The Tools & Secrecy’ that was released by the U. S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

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We hope to see you there!

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