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LAWFUEL – Law News Network – An Ontario man has agreed to plead guilty to providing false information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by reporting that he had overheard conversations in which a man threatened to “knock [Los Angeles] off the earth” in a terrorist attack.

In a plea agreement filed today, Dennis Leon Kolupski, 54, admitted that
he called the FBI three weeks before the 2005 anniversary of the September 11 attacks and stated that he overheard a disturbing cell phone conversation. According to Kolupski’s report, he overheard a co-worker reference the bombings in Madrid and London and state:

* “9/11 is nothing like what will happen on 9/12,”
* “they were going to plant things around the city and that nobody will be able to tell where things are happening,”
* “that we would be so distracted about a lot of little stuff, that we would miss the big stuff, that this will knock L.A. off the earth,” and
* “people are already positioning themsleves, which 9/11 is like a candle on a birthday cake.”

In a subsequent interview, Kolupski admitted that he did not hear the threats to Los Angeles, that the conversation he overheard was in a language other than English, and that he intended his report to bring scrutiny to the co-worker.

Kolupski is scheduled to make his first court appearance on February 26. Assuming that he enters the guilty plea, Kolupski faces a maximum possible penalty of five years in federal prison.

This case was investigated by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

CONTACT: Assistant United States Attorney Richard Y. Lee
(213) 894-2692

Release No. 07-010

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