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LawFuel – Law Newswire – British newspapers report that a suspect in the murder of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer has been identified from the security camera footage in his hotel.

Police have declined to comment on the identity of the suspect, understood to be male, or say whether he is a member of the Pakistan team or management.

The report added that there was growing evidence that the former England player was drugged with an “ancient poison” called aconite, which is used in herbal medicine across Asia. It causes an agonising death as it shuts down internal organs and causes loss of sensation in the limbs. One of the first symptoms is vomiting, and is notoriously difficult to trace after death.

The report said that the opening of an inquest into the coach’s death, due to take place Monday, was postponed after a series of breakthroughs by the team of 30 officers working on the inquiry, including detectives from Scotland Yard.

In a statement, the justice ministry in Jamaica said the inquest, at which more than 20 witnesses were due to give evidence, had been postponed because of rapid progress in the investigation.

The Independent newspaper reported that digital enhancement by the Scotland Yard of CCTV footage from cameras on the 12th floor of the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, where Woolmer was staying, has identified at least one suspect in the killing.

A source close to the investigation told the paper: “The cleaned-up images from London show at least one individual of considerable interest to the inquiry. The time of the footage and its location mean that this individual must be considered a suspect. Further work is being done on statements given by individuals to look at any inconsistencies. It is good progress.”

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