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LAWFUEL – Legal Books Newswire – Whenever Fox’s Bill O’Reilly needs an expert on our failing legal system, he calls Boston spitfire Wendy Murphy. She’s a former prosecutor who became a victim’s rights advocate, fighting for innocent people who suffer when lawyers and judges put all their focus on the rights of criminals.

As O’Reilly writes in his foreword to Murphy’s book, AND JUSTICE FOR SOME (to be published by Sentinel on September 6, 2007):

We need reform from top to bottom. We need transparency, where folks can actually see the corrupt judges and greedy lawyers, actually witness their fellow citizens being legally blackmailed or railroaded…

[This book] gets under the legal mumbo jumbo and offers you, the reader, strategies to avoid getting your head kicked in if, God forbid, you wind up in a courtroom. It also offers a challenge to the powerful in
America: Reform our legal system, or admit it’s a farce.

In her remarkable career as an attorney and child advocate, Wendy Murphy has accomplished much, including chasing numerous bad guys and holding them accountable…. However, in my opinion, AND JUSTICE FOR SOME is her towering achievement.

Murphy exposes, by name, the lawyers and judges who give murderers, rapists and drug dealers not just a fair shake but an unfair advantage – often at the expense of their victims.

She confronts judges who openly admit that they care more about their liberal ideology than about the suffering of victims, and defense attorneys who take big money from pedophiles to twist the Bill of Rights beyond recognition.

She even reveals the REAL reason why juries allowed O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and William Kennedy Smith to walk free – and how the same syndrome can affect any criminal jury.

We expect AND JUSTICE FOR SOME to be a huge catalyst for discussion about the tragic state of American’s legal system, and what can be done
about it.

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