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LawFuel – New Zealand Law – The decision of the Chief Censor Mr Bill Hastings, to decline an application for leave from the Society to have the R18 classification of a sexually explicit video featuring actors “pretending to be police officers” using police batons as “sex toys” (dildos) reclassified; is further evidence that he has been watching hardcore porn for too long and should be removed from office by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Hastings who has clearly become desensitised to the toxic and insidious impact of hardcore porn has taken the time to calculate precisely the time a police baton was used on a woman in one scene by ‘a police officer’: “one minute and 13 seconds”, for vaginal and anal penetration as his Office’s report notes. He dismisses the Society’s concerns by arguing that “There is no evidence of reluctance, coercion or power imbalance” in the feature and “there is very little in the video recording that bears any resemblance to the events to which the applicant refers” [nation-wide concerns over the alleged misuse of police batons by NZ police in sex and group orgies involving former NZ police members].

The Society intends to pass its concerns over Mr Hasting’s decision to decline leave, on to the Commissioner of Police, Howard Broad, and the Minister of Police, the Hon. Annette King.

The Classification Office’s decision on video “Lesbian Cops…” notes: “The feature mostly has an easy and relaxed tone, except the role-plays are simulating the stereotypical attitude of the ‘tough cop’.” The “rather humorous role-play … often puts the police character in a position of dominance”. The camera gives “much time to close-up and extreme close-up footage of the [sexual] activity… The genital area and associated activity are explicit and take up most of the screen”. The degrading nature of the content is highlighted including … “The use of a police baton as a dildo (‘sex toy’) is degrading too, as it presents an object usually seen as an authoritative weapon, as a penetrative sex toy… a variety of wooden and plastic dildos are used throughout the sex scenes.” The video includes numerous trailers depicting sexual activities “including double penetration (simultaneous vaginal and anal intercourse by two men on one woman), and ejaculation onto women’s faces. Scenes such as women kneeling with her face raised for the ejaculate of two men, and vigorous, double penetration depictions, give the trailers a harder edge than the feature”.

In the wake of the Prime Minister Helen Clark’s public condemnation of the group sex engaged in by former police officer Brad Shipton et al, over 20 years ago (she called his activities “disgusting” and “unethical”); the Society wants to know why she continues to support a Chief Censor and his deputy Ms Nicola McCully whose Office has cleared hundreds of morally filthy and sexually explicit publications for adult viewing, some featuring police officers using police batons as penetrative sex toys on women, group sex, and gratuitous and graphic depictions of rape (Baise-Moi) etc. Under the law such publications that sexually degrade, demean and dehumanise women should be banned. Numerous degrading scenes of men ejaculating all over the faces of naked women and into the mouths of women and close-up scenes of double penetrations in the context of frenzied sex orgies are all part of the regular sex videos Hastings has been watching for over 10 years and cleared for adult viewing.

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