LawFuel Press release service – Complementary primer detailing the use…

LawFuel Press release service – Complementary primer detailing the use of Reverse Engineering as an essential business tool is now available from Chipworks.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – June 19, 2006 – Chipworks, an industry leader in the reverse engineering and the analysis of semiconductors and electronic systems, today announced the availability of a comprehensive primer, Reverse Engineering 101, designed to enhance the application of the value of reverse engineering for patent intelligence and Intellectual Property (IP) licensing. The complementary primer can be requested via email from Chipworks.

“There are a lot of car buffs in the world, and, when we stop to think about it, we realize that when one of auto manufacturers launches a new model, the others will buy some, take them back to the plant, and rip them apart to see what new features and technology are inside them. Then, if the new ideas are sales-worthy, they introduce similar innovations in their own models,” said Dick James, senior technical advisor, Chipworks. “The same is true in the world of technology. This primer provides an introduction and examples of how Reverse Engineering can be used as a competitive business tool.”

Reverse Engineering 101 includes a brief introduction on how Reverse Engineering helps expand and deliver knowledge about products, as well as facilitating the spread of new technology across markets and geographies. Using color and black and white photography, the primer provides examples of effective Reverse Engineering from the electronics industry and delves into the forms Reverse Engineering can take, from product tear-downs to system level analysis, circuit extraction and process analysis. In addition, it provides an overview of how Reverse Engineering is used both to gather technical intelligence and patent-related intelligence. To receive the primer, readers are invited to send their name, company and email address to: [email protected]

Dick James, senior technical advisor from Chipworks, who has more than 30 years of experience in process development, design, manufacturing, packaging and reverse engineering of semiconductor devices, authored reverse Engineering 101. He joined Chipworks in 1995 and serves as an internal and external consultant to Chipworks’ staff and customers, dealing with the microstructural characterization of devices, process analysis, wafer fabrication, optical devices, and technical training. Mr. James is a member of the Electrochemical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Society for Information Display, and also holds a Sommelier certificate.

Chipworks reverse engineers and analyzes semiconductor and microelectronic systems for two distinct and complementary groups. Patent Intelligence customers are law firms and Intellectual Property groups who need Chipworks’ support to defend or enhance their licensing positions. Technical Intelligence customers are engineering and product development groups who use Chipworks experience and expertise to help them understand competitive technology, benchmark their innovations and speed their time-to-market. The company can be contacted at [email protected], at 1 613.829.0414, or via its web site,

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