LAWFUEL Press Release Service – Minter Ellison remains the only la…

LAWFUEL Press Release Service – Minter Ellison remains the only law firm globally, and the only professional services firm in Australia, to participate in the Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI).

In the latest CRI results released today, Minter Ellison has received an ‘outstanding’ ranking for community management and for workplace management.

The CRI measures participating companies against a broad range of corporate responsibility indicators. Originally created by leading businesses in the UK, it was introduced to Australia in 2003, allowing local participants to be benchmarked against their peers, sector and economic group in the global marketplace.

In Australia, the CRI is managed by the St James Ethics Centre.

Minter Ellison’s CEO, Guy Templeton, said the firm was proud to work alongside Australia’s leading companies to cement corporate responsibility as a mainstream business objective. “We are challenging ourselves to improve our performance across the board – and corporate responsibility is no exception,” Templeton said.

“Our firm has a long-standing commitment to community issues, including a thriving pro bono and community investment program.

“The CRI takes us beyond this to examine a wider range of issues, including our environmental impact and how we give practical effect to our vision and values.

“And it is a useful management tool – the CRI allows us to track our performance and to address the full range of social and environmental implications of our work.”

One of the initiatives that has arisen largely out of Minter Ellison’s commitment to the CRI is the firm’s participation in the Federal Government’s ‘Greenhouse Challenge Plus’, a program that supports and encourages management of greenhouse gas emissions through emissions inventory reporting and through the development of action plans to achieve cost-effective abatement.

“Our involvement in the CRI over the past three years has created a solid platform for improved performance. Our expanded commitment to the Greenhouse Challenge Plus initiative sends a clear signal that we are committed to better outcomes for the long term,” Templeton said.

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