LAWFUEL – Reports today indicate that a new line of inquiry is being c…

LAWFUEL – Reports today indicate that a new line of inquiry is being carried out in the Madeleine McCann case with all detectives in the Algarve on standby for searches to be undertaken in the next 48 hours.

The developments mark the first departure from investigations centred on Robert Murat, the only formal suspect in the case, who has been ruled out and will be cleared of his “arguido” status within weeks.

Every detective in the Algarve is on standby today. Search warrants have been signed and police are awaiting final orders to start an operation believed to be linked to a new potential suspect.

The Policia Judiciaria, the Portuguese equivalent of CID, has been on alert since Friday. The details of the lead are a closely guarded secret and detectives have been warned that they are being monitored for any leaks.

The warrants are only vaild until the end of tomorrow, but could be extended if police believe it is worth pursuing. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, which directs the police inquiry, signed a series of documents on Friday, ordering the PJ in Faro to put detectives on standby and authorising search warrants at locations that may be linked to the disappearance of Madeleine 109 days ago.

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