LawFuel – See: ‘Hot Gossip’ – Although YouTube carries the big tra…

LawFuel – See: ‘Hot Gossip’ – Although YouTube carries the big traffic that Google paid so much for, those pesky billion dollar lawsuits and video length restrictions limit its ability to seriously infringe anyone’s copyright.

But, as TechCrunch points out, there’s no shortage of pretenders to YouTube’s copyright infringement crown. Full length copies of well known TV shows and/or movies are readily available on a number of YouTube competitors, TechCrunch reports, citing The Office on DailyMotion, Scrubs on GoFish, or SouthPark on Veoh.

And if searching for the shows on these sites is just too much work, there are other sites that aggregate and organize this content, and embed it on their own sites. Watch any episode from any of the 11 seasons of SouthPark on And new site VideoHybrid is in a class of its own, with dozens of full length movies and virtually every popular TV show.

And these sites aren’t hiding out and trying to evade the law – they’re funded by well known venture capitalists and, in Veoh’s case, copyright holders. And GoFish is actually a public company.

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