LAWFUEL – See LawFuel’s ‘Hot Gossip’ – The controversial, short-li…

LAWFUEL – See LawFuel’s ‘Hot Gossip’ – The controversial, short-lived breakout from the LA penitentiary that Paris Hilton currently calls home was due, according to the font-of-all-Hilton-knowledge the website, was due to her extreme Attention Deficit Disorder and claustrophobia.

Beggers belief. If claustrophobia was enough to spring a prisoner then the jails would be as empty as Paris Hilton’s head. TMZ report that these may have been the reasons that Sheriff Lee Baca used to justify the release.

TMZ were told that told Hilton is taking Adderall for her ADD. Although their sources were not specific, the website was told Hilton was not receiving all of her medications at Lynwood.

“As a result, Hilton was having severe panic attacks in jail. There were times she was so debilitated, she could not push the panic button in her cell.

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