LAWFUEL – Sports Law – Law firms in Singapore are expecting an incre…

LAWFUEL – Sports Law – Law firms in Singapore are expecting an increase in demand for sport-related legal services, according to AsiaNews.

Singapore increasingly attracts professional teams and international events.

Lau Kok Keng, Rajah & Tann’s Head of Sports Law Practice, said: “We also have got increasing drive for improving professionalism in sports. So, as professionalism comes to grips in sports, we’ll have more contracts to look at, we’ll have more constitutional documents to vet through, we’ll have more procedures to put in place to ensure good corporate governance amongst sports bodies and that will all take sports up to a different level of professionalism.”

Mr Lau said Singapore could also act as an Asian platform for lawyers to offer their legal services to booming sporting industries in China and India.

Michael Palmer, Harry Elias Partnership’s Head of Sports Law Practice, said: ” (To be a) sport hub is not just about building a stadium, it’s not just about bringing in events like Formula One, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. Sports Hub is (also) about being able to service that industry. As you know, there’s a lot of lead-up to a sporting event, like Asian Games. You’ve got 1-3 years of planning, preparation, signing of agreements, filing of marks etc. The legal industry needs to be able to support it.”

It is also believed that Singapore is interested in setting up an arbitration panel or office for sports.

The plan is to rope in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the highest international sports tribunal. – CNA/ir

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