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LawFuel – The Law Jobs & Law Newswire – “Investigate” Magazine editor Ian Wishart has made broader claims about Police corruption, child sex rings and related allegations involved alleged, Police cover-ups in his magazine’s ‘breaking news’ forum.

To Quote:

“Police Corruption Story: the bigger picture
Ok, after we’ve all had a guffaw about broads and chicks and everything else the story entails, there remain some much more significant points people need to get their feathers ruffled about.

The relevance of the Broad allegation is not, primarily, whether he was the person responsible for the bestiality video screening.

Instead, the savvy reader will notice that Broad has now confirmed 1) that a bestiality video was definitely screened at a police party, and 2) that Broad felt so intimidated by the prevailing police culture in Dunedin at the time that he didn’t do anything about this criminal act.

THIS IS RELEVANT BECAUSE: the wider magazine begins its major coverage with revelations that a child sex, bdsm and bestiality ring was being run by the father of a Dunedin police officer at the time (now Tauranga’s police commander).

IT IS RELEVANT BECAUSE: the police investigation into the ring was quashed by order of Dunedin police bosses, despite prima facie evidence being obtained, and with the connivance of Police National Headquarters. Howard Broad’s late decision to acknowledge the wider police culture is directly relevant to all this.

Broad’s admission that a bestiality tape was screened for Dunedin police is also relevant because of the allegations from much more recently (2000), that videotapes exist of police gang raping a woman who’d been tied down, and that one police officer named in the magazine was also filmed having sex with a dog.

IN OTHER WORDS, Broad’s admissions to date lend circumstantial weight to the credibility of Investigate’s report (not that it needed it but corroboration is always a welcome extra.)

These other allegations and other major revelations in the magazine, largely ignored in the media coverage on Day One, are much, much more serious than watching a bestiality video.”

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