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LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Introducing LAWSLANT.COM, found at It is the hottest satirical site for liberal/progressives who are also lawyers, judges, law students, or anyone interested in law. In the tradition of The Onion, this website offers satire/humor/parody and commentary on our courts and on those who are licensed to practice law.

Today’s news articles include:

– Federalist Society’s Pro Bono Clinic Helps a Needy Rupert Murdoch
– ABA Revises Method for Rating Federal Court Nominees

You can even read Antonin Scalia’s blog!

In addition, you can listen to our audio program (around 20 minutes long) on the US Supreme Court, Intelligent Design, and Cheney’s gunning down of a Texas attorney. Download it as a podcast (and subscribe) or play it on your web browser – all for free!

There is also wonderful merchandise available, stuff (like tshirts) you wouldn’t find anywhere, with mottos like:

– You know times are rough when you start missing the Rehnquist Court
– Legacy Admissions Violate the Rule Against Perpetuities
– Conservative Judges use Original Intent to get what they want
– Question the Socratic Method
– Why do we give perpetual life to corporations, but execute humans?

Finally, there’s a website for all the sane people. Please visit and let us know what you think.

Oscar Gonzalez, Attorney
Licensed in Texas
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