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LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Manches LLP – a leading law firm in London and the Thames Valley announces an upcoming seminar based on the issue of IT Outsourcing. The seminar is designed for users and suppliers of IT outsourcing services as well as anyone considering outsourcing some or all of their IT functions. The aim of the seminar is to bring companies up to speed with issues they should consider when entering into and managing IT outsourcing contracts. The date of the seminar is 2nd March, 2006, and attendance is free.

The IT Outsourcing seminar will be held at Manches’ Oxford office at the Oxford Business Park North, 9400 Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2HN. The programme begins with registration at 3:00pm. For more information and directions please register at: or call 01865 813657.

Businesses Increasingly Reliant on Outside IT Service Providers

As businesses in every sector become increasingly reliant on outside service providers, Manches will highlight the major issues in IT outsourcing. Outside IT service providers often deliver services that were previously undertaken in-house. One of the aims of outsourcing IT services is to buy in the sort of technology, expertise and human resource that would otherwise not be available to a business. Some businesses outsource the whole of their IT function whereas others choose to use service providers for one or more critical applications. Other companies rely on service providers to provide business contingency services when the unexpected happens. Whatever the reasons for outsourcing IT functions, if things go wrong, the viability of the business may be jeopardised.

It is vital that the roles and responsibilities of the customer and supplier are clear when entering into an IT outsourcing agreement, and that the contract gives the customer sufficient leverage to obtain the right level of service. Conversely, suppliers need to avoid taking on the sort of liability that is effectively underwriting the customer’s business. Through its seminar and services Manches aim to give practical advice on how to get the outsourcing contract a company needs and how to avoid the ‘elephant traps’ when making or breaking outsourcing contracts.

Successful Management of IT Outsourcing Contracts

The themes of Manches seminar on IT Outsourcing include: handling transition in IT Outsourcing – focusing on the issue of not getting into outsourcing relationships before you know how to get out of them; TUPE and the effect of the new amendments to the Transfer of Undertakings; Successful management of outsourcing contracts – and specifically, how to establish and maintain appropriate service levels; and finally tackling the issue of whether the contract is a hindrance or help if things start to go wrong. The speakers at the seminar will be: Christine Reid, William Downing and Piers Clayden.

About Manches LLP

Manches is an innovative and responsive law firm with offices in London and the Thames Valley. Manches focuses on a range of specialist legal sectors, including: Property, Construction, Technology Media & Intellectual Property, Family Law, Retailing, Publishing, Brand and IP Management and Life Sciences. Manches has been active in the London market since it was established in 1937. With offices in the Aldwych, Manches is in the heart of the legal community facing the challenges of a dynamic and competitive environment.

Manches Oxford office offers the full range of commercial legal services with a particular emphasis on the life sciences, publishing and IT sectors. Key practice areas cover corporate finance, intellectual property, commercial litigation, employment and commercial property. Manches acts for a wide range of businesses from start-ups to leading listed companies as well as high profile individuals.

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