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LawFuel – The Law News Network – The Mercury News reports that the House Committee on Government Reform, chaired by Congressmen Tom Davis and Henry Waxman and championed by Senators John McCain and Jim Bunning, threatened to pass legislation to toughen baseball’s steroid policy if commissioner Bud Selig and union president Donald Fehr didn’t do it themselves.

The pressure from Washington convinced Fehr to agree to harsher penalties than he would’ve accepted otherwise, which makes you wonder.

Why stop there?

A House Committee on Sports Reform could look at a host of issues. They could cap all stadium and arena beer prices at $5, audit anybody who blathers on endlessly about their golf game and eliminate the BCS.

Politicians constantly use sports analogies. But if they want to get the vote out, why not run on a platform of pro-choice and anti-designated hitter? If the goal is to get more young people involved in the political process, instead of running as a reform candidate someone could run as a sports reform candidate.

Here are some issues for such a committee to consider:

There should be a law forcing an owner to sell his team if he does nothing but bring undue humiliation and ridicule to fans and the community the team represents for 10 straight years.

Donald Sterling, Bill Bidwill, Chris Cohan and Tom Benson would be gone. Do you know what else this means? The Yorks are on the clock.

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