LAWFUEL – The Law News Wire – Missing Madeleine McCann’s parents praye…

LAWFUEL – The Law News Wire – Missing Madeleine McCann’s parents prayed at Portugal’s holiest site while Police re-interviewed two witnesses connected with their main suspect, The Independent reports.

The witnesses were Michaela Walczuch, the German lover of the British suspect Robert Murat, and her estranged husband Luis Antonio, a pool cleaner who has worked at the Ocean Club where Madeleine disappeared three weeks ago today.

Though the decision to reinterview the two was described as “routine” by Inspector Oligario Sousa, spokesman for the inquiry, it hints at detectives’ enduring interest in Mr Murat – despite the lack of activity at his home, Casa Liliana, since it was first searched 10 days ago. Ms Walczuch is Mr Murat’s business partner in a property sales business Romigen, the website of which was designed by another man who has been interviewed at length – Sergey Malinka.

As the two were questioned, Kate McCann left the resort of Praia da Luz for the first time since Madeleine’s disappearance to make the four-hour drive north with her husband, Gerry, to the Marian shrine of Fatima, north of Lisbon. As they arrived, Mrs McCann clutched a yellow rose and Madeleine’s favourite cuddly toy while her husband held a small Bible.

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