LAWFUEL – The Law News Wire – The San Franciso Chronicle reports that …

LAWFUEL – The Law News Wire – The San Franciso Chronicle reports that Floyd Landis wriggled through an uncomfortable cross-examination Tuesday, carefully answering questions about the color of his tie and the timing of the firing of the manager who threatened to reveal Greg LeMond’s childhood sex abuse if he testified.

It was yet another salacious morning in the Tour de France champion’s arbitration hearing, which has veered wildly between boring, dense science and allegations of witness tampering and who knew what when.

During the 2 1/2 hours of testimony that ended at the lunch break, attorneys from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency dredged up the events revealed by LeMond’s startling testimony last Thursday. On that day, LeMond testified he’d received a phone call the night before from Landis’ manager, Will Geoghegan, who threatened to divulge the three-time Tour champion’s secret.

“Would you agree, that as my mother used to say, that a person’s character is revealed more by their actions than their words?” USADA attorney Matthew Barnett asked Landis.

“It sounds like a good saying,” Landis said.

Then, it got ugly, as Barnett tried to portray Landis and Geoghegan as planning to intimidate and humiliate LeMond and not showing remorse until they got caught.

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