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LawFuel – The Law Newswire – Jail-bound socialite Paris Hilton is embarking upon a media blitz to attempt to avoid going to jail for a probation violation resulting from an alcohol-related driving offense last year.

Hilton was charged in Los Angeles with driving under the influence and sentenced to 45 days in Century Regional Detention Facility in California beginning on 5 June.

Hilton has rehired her publicist, Elliot Mintz, who she had fired last week after blaming him for her violation, claiming Mintz had not made her aware of the terms of her probation order, notwithstanding that she was the defendant.

It is believed that Mintz will help orchestrate the publicity Hilton sees as important to raise a ‘responsibility profile’ whereby she would be perceived as a personality with the ability to influence behaviour, rather than be a target for high-profile punishment, according to one source.

Courting media, she is starting the blitz by using her MySpace site to post a blog urging visitors to sign an online petition that asks authorities for leniency regarding her drink driving conviction.

The petition, which was set up by a Hilton supporter, calls on California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to terminate her jail sentence.

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