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LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – Portugese Police have admitted for the first time that Madeleine McCann, the missing three-year-old, is probably dead and that is the assumption they are now working on.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports that Olegario Sousa, a spokesman for the Policia Judiciaria, said they are now working on the assumption that the four year old is dead.

Mr Sousa’s comments came as Kate and Gerry McCann admitted for the first time that they have discussed returning home to Britain without their daughter.

The four-year-old went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz 105 days ago and the couple have insisted they could not face leaving Portugal while the search continued.

But in an interview Mrs McCann said: “We know we will be going back and I guess one day we will wake up and it will be right.

“We never thought that we would go before she came back. Now we just don’t know. We have the twins to consider.

“I can’t imagine how we came out as a family of five and going back as a four.”

After exhausting all leads suggesting Madeleine was abducted, police are now working on the theory she suffered an accident or was killed inside the flat.

They have confirmed that the parents are not suspects. Two specialist British sniffer dogs, one with the ability to find small traces of blood and the other a “victim” dog who can detect human remains, were brought in a fortnight ago.

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