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LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – Prime Minister Helen Clark is once again flipping out under pressure, says Investigate editor Ian Wishart in response to her latest attack on Investigate magazine.

“We saw this early last year,” said Wishart today, “and we’re seeing it again now with a repeat of a range of daft allegations and conspiracy theories about who’s behind Investigate magazine

“For the record, the magazine is backed by its 52,000 readers (almost the same number as Metro enjoys*), and although we would love it there is no secret slush fund or team of cigarette-smoking men in dark alleys who give us cheques.

“The Prime Minister’s X-Files fantasies about links to the Exclusive Brethren are rubbish – the Beehive already sent its media puppets on this course last year who rang our shareholders all over the world and found none were Brethren, which we could have told them ourselves.

“Instead of continuing to fiddle while the reputation of the police force burns and innocent women continue to be victims of police misconduct, the Prime Minister should spare a thought for those female victims of police rape who she and her Ministers are so stridently denigrating in the news today.

“Joyce Conwell was raped on multiple occasions by a senior police officer. Investigate has the details of a policewoman raped and sodomised by the son of one of Dunedin’s top cops, and then she was effectively dumped from the police force.

“Every time Helen Clark scoffs at the suffering of these women, she shows herself to be a hypocrite on womens’ rights and safety.

“Investigate has been deluged with emails from women with stories to tell, and other people who’ve come across police corruption. We also have fresh information on the Police Commissioner which we are investigating now.

“I have a question for the Prime Minister: what protection is she prepared to offer government employees if they are prepared to blow the whistle on corruption? If the Prime Minister has nothing to hide, she and her civil service should have nothing to fear from an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry.”

*Roy Morgan readership survey, year to Feb 07

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