LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon is to seek …

LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon is to seek urgent clarification about just what Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull has done in delaying his approval of the Gunns pulp mill.

Mr Lennon said the Tasmanian parliament was likely to vote overwhelmingly in favour of the $2 billion pulp mill plan when it meets later today.

A yes vote would leave Mr Turnbull the only barrier to a green light for the facility. He was due to make a decision on the mill yesterday but granted himself a 30 working days – six weeks – extension to consider the issue.

Mr Lennon said he hoped Mr Turnbull had acted legally.

“That is the real question where, as to whether or not the minister has followed the statutory process that he is required to do under his Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. He claims he has,” he said.

“That is at odds with advice that I have received from my state solicitor-general. So I will be seeking urgent clarification this morning.”

Mr Lennon said it was becoming clear to the Tasmanian community that Mr Turnbull was more interested in prosecuting his feud with businessman Geoffrey Cousins than in proper process for what was the biggest industrial development ever proposed for Tasmania.

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