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LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – The FBI will host an international conference June 11-15, 2007, in Miami, Florida, titled the “Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism Law Enforcement Conference.” This conference will take place nearly one year after President George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism on July 15, 2006. This initiative builds on the capacity of willing partner nations to combat the global threat of nuclear terrorism.

The conference will be attended by policy, program, and tactical professionals from all levels of government and industry, including international delegates from over 40 partner nations. Scheduled conference speakers include:

Alberto R. Gonzales, attorney general, U.S. Department of Justice.
Frances Fragos Townsend, homeland security advisor to the President.
Robert S. Mueller III, director, FBI.
Vayl Oxford, director of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.
Dr. Richard Falkenrath, deputy commissioner, counterterrorism, for the City of New York.
Steve Coll, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of “Ghost Wars.”
In conjunction with the conference, there will be a vendor expo showcasing the latest mission-relevant supporting technologies, services, and products. On June 13, conference delegates will participate in a unique event at the Orange Bowl including a dynamic and a static demonstration by the FBI and its local, state, and federal partners. The demonstration will include a display of the capabilities of the FBI, Miami Police Department, and Miami Fire Department to respond to a weapons of mass destruction threat.

All attendees, including the media, must be pre-registered to attend the conference, exhibition, and dynamic and static displays. Additional information and online registration is available at []. Media inquiries related to this event can be directed to the FBI National Press Office, 202-324-3691, or the Miami Press Office, 305-944-9101.

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