LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan report…

LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan reports – There are numerous reasons to question whether Roy Pearson has any mother wit, the most obvious one being his belief that a dry cleaner’s error with a pair of his pants justifies a $54 million lawsuit.

But even from a fashion perspective, his obsession with a pair of slacks that may or may not have gone missing is odd. Of all the items in a man’s wardrobe, trousers are the least likely to be on the receiving end of amorous attachment. A man might believe his public persona is tied up in a certain fedora. He might get nostalgic over a well-worn T-shirt from his alma mater. But surely Pearson is alone in boo-hooing and litigating over a pair of dress pants.

Pearson is a D.C. administrative law judge who filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the owners of Custom Cleaners. In 2005, Pearson took in five suits for alterations. He’d gained 20 pounds and the pants needed to be let out. (One assumes the pants had an extremely generous seam allowance.) Four suits were altered without incident. The fifth suit was missing its pants.

The Chung family, which owns the cleaners, says it found the wayward pants and tried to return them to Pearson. He says those pants aren’t his. They are cuffed, he said in court, and he is not a man who wears cuffs. The Chungs have offered him as much as $12,000 just to go away. Pearson wanted to go to court.

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