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LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – – Responding to concerns that young men are more likely to be involved in a drink-drive accident than any other age group, the new THINK! campaign has been developed to speak directly to them and on their terms. It comes as worrying statistics prove that weekends are the most likely time for someone to be killed or injured by a drink-driver.

“Drink drivers are a danger to themselves and others and there is no place for them on our roads.

“Thirty years of sustained Government campaigns have successfully changed attitudes and helped to significantly cut alcohol-related road deaths. But extensive research has told us that if we want to have an even greater impact on young men, we need to take a new approach.

“Today’s launch tackles this head-on by moving away from traditional shock tactics specifically to engage young men more fully. Moment of Doubt focuses on the shameful reality of being caught drink-driving and compellingly demonstrates how it will ruin your life, even if you are not involved in an accident as a result.

“A criminal conviction, minimum 12-month ban and stiff fine are all guarantees – and these will limit both your career prospects and social life. I don’t think I can be any clearer – if you are planning a night out this weekend, or in the future, have a good time but if you are drinking leave the car keys at home.”

ACPO lead and Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police Meredydd Hughes added:

“You don’t have to be in an accident to be stopped by the police and breathalysed. That extra pint could mean you lose your licence, are fined or go to prison. The only way you can be sure you’re not over the limit is by not drinking at all. The police’s job is to keep people safe so think, don’t drink and drive. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.”

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