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LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – A rumour that the Auckland Library & Research Centre will shift to Wellington if the national One Society plan is approved by members, is completely and utterly false, says ADLS President Andrew Gilchrist.

“There is absolutely no suggestion that the library will physically be removed from Auckland,” says Mr Gilchrist. “To the contrary, the reality is that, under the One Society proposal, the Auckland library (and libraries of Wellington and Canterbury) will be enhanced, because they will become part of a national law library service.

“Any practitioners who have concerns about the library under the One Society proposal should read my letter of June 20 which appears on the ADLS website, and my other message of July 5.” Mr Gilchrist says he is deeply concerned that such a misleading rumour is circulating “and I can assure all practitioners that it is without foundation”.

Commenting on the rumour, Mr Piers Davies, Convenor of the District Law Societies’ Library Steering Group, confirmed the statement by Mr Gilchrist.

Mr Davies recommended that practitioners read the group’s Recommendation report of May 2007 on the ADLS website ( ) which outlines proposals for an even better library service in the future under the One Society model.

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