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LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – COLCHESTER, Conn., — United Parcel
Service (UPS) (NYSE:UPS), the world’s largest package delivery company,
found itself on the losing end of a landmark court decision yesterday.
Federal Judge Joy Flowers Conti, of the Western District of
Pennsylvania, in a carefully reasoned opinion in the action entitled
Hohider, et al. v. UPS, approved the certification of a nationwide
class of UPS present and former employees, dating back to May 2000, who
were precluded from returning to work due to medical reasons because of
alleged across-the-board policies and practices of UPS that violate the
Americans with Disabilities Act. The decision will affect thousands of
capable employees.

“Judge Conti’s decision resolves the magnitude of this important
litigation,” said lead attorney David R. Scott of Scott+Scott LLP.
“Only a class action can equalize the playing field between industry
giants like UPS and hard-working employees.”

The decision affects UPS workers at locations all over the country who
were told they could not return to work anywhere at UPS unless they
could present a doctor’s note saying they were “100% healed” or had no
work restrictions, or who otherwise tried to return to work at UPS
after a medical leave of absence.

The suit is being handled by leading nationwide class-action firm
Scott+Scott LLP with the assistance of employment discrimination
counsel Wienand & Bagin of Pittsburgh, PA, and the Equal Justice
Foundation of Columbus, OH.

According to attorney Christian Bagin, “Many UPS employees — like a
lot of workers across the country — don’t know about the ADA and its
protections — though the effects of the statute’s violation on their
lives is severe.”

Scott+Scott LLP is a law firm with significant experience in
prosecuting class actions. The firm dedicates itself to client
communication and satisfaction and currently is litigating major
securities, antitrust and employee-related actions throughout the
United States. The firm represents pension funds, charities,
foundations, individuals and other entities worldwide. If you wish to
discuss this action or have questions concerning this litigation or
your rights, please contact Scott+Scott ([email protected],
800/404-7770, 860/537-5537) or visit the Scott+Scott website
( for more information.

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