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LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Frank Quattrone’s four-year battle with the federal judicial system is officially over, and the Silicon Valley investment legend is expected to restart a career that helped launch some of the valley’s most successful companies, the San Jose Mercury Herald reports.

But the 51-year-old former investment banker continues to be vague about his plans.

Quattrone completed a year-long “period of supervision” this week, following which the U.S. Department of Justice agreed not to try him a third time for obstruction of justice during an investigation in 2003 of his former employer, Credit Suisse First Boston.

A document known as a `nolle prosequi” was filed last Thursday by federal prosecutors in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and signed by U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels on Monday.

Quattrone’s only obligation under the deferred prosecution agreement was to stay out of trouble and keep the court advised of his movements.

The filing closes the final chapter on a series of legal battles in which Quattrone faced the full force of the federal government and emerged an innocent man. All of several National Association of Securities Dealers cases against Quattrone have been dismissed, and in March the Securities and Exchange Commission set aside the NASD’s lifetime bar on Quattrone from the securities industry.

“The opera is over,” Quattrone said in a statement. “I’m pleased that the legal matters have all been resolved in my favor and my

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