LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The LA Times says that fact is embellis…

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The LA Times says that fact is embellished with conjecture in this Lifetime movie and, wow, the result is pretty bad.

It’s just as bad as you think it would be and perhaps a little worse. In fact, Lifetime’s “The Murder of Princess Diana,” one of several TV events acknowledging the 10-year anniversary of Diana’s death, is so bad you might actually want to watch it, though I would recommend a little internal fortification. Vodka would work, or Ben & Jerry’s. Whatever gets you through a good old-fashioned lowbrow wallow.

The time is August 1997 and “House’s” Jennifer Morrison, bless her heart, plays Rachel, a “serious” American journalist for an unnamed British publication who zips over to Paris the moment she hears Diana is in town because she can “just feel” a big story is about to break. And of course it is, only not the one Rachel had in mind (that story being left exasperatingly vague). Rachel is shocked, shocked by the fecklessness of security personnel attending the princess and decides to tail the beleaguered couple herself. “I’m going with you,” she tells her photographer friend, hiking up her red dress to straddle his motorcycle. “Something’s going to happen. I just feel it.”

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