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LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The lawyer representing Queensland-based doctor Mohamed Haneef says a relative who flew in from India over the weekend has not yet received permission to see the accused terrorism supporter.

Imran Siddiqui is the cousin of Haneef’s wife and has vowed to remain in Australia until he can take Haneef home.

Haneef, 27, is accused of giving his cell phone SIM card to his second cousin who has been charged in Britain with withholding information about a terrorist attack. He was granted bail by a magistrate last week, but the government sought to keep him in custody by canceling his visa.

Lawyer Peter Russo says he has made an application to the Australian Federal Police for Mr Siddiqui to visit Haneef. But Mr Russo has warned him he may have to stay in Australia for a long time.

Mr Russo claims the case against Haneef is extremely weak and accuse the Australian Federal Police and the government of selectively leaking information that makes him look guilty.

On Sunday, the Melbourne Sun Herald and other News Ltd. newspapers cited unnamed police sources as saying images were found on Haneef’s laptop computer of a building and its foundations near where he lived in Queensland state. Police were investigating whether Haneef was involved in an attack plot in Australia, the report said.

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