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Northern, New Jersey, September 29, 2009 – LifePath Unlimited representative, Tara McCarthy, launches “Uncover Your Power” – a unique and motivational way to look at life from a different angle, while earning a long-term residual income.

“I teach how to bring prosperity and possibility into daily living by turning dreams into everyday reality through the attainment of life goals,” says company founder Tara McCarthy. “My interest in personal development began with a desire to experience life without limitations. My journey has evolved into breaking free from the confinements of a nine to five workday and has enabled me to strive for freedom to determine my own wealth, freedom to travel, and the choice to be home with my children.”

Uncover Your Power is a great new way to achieve the success, prosperity and lifestyle of your dreams and truly love what you do every day of your life, simply by engaging in their applicable programs. You will learn dynamic personal development skills for your home business through six different ‘phases’. Uncover Your Power will take you from discovering personal success to an eight week journey of self discovery with personal instruction.
The company’s goal seeks to inspire and unlock possibilities through practical exercises and world-class inspirational speakers. In addition to personal coaching, you will be able to soak in personal development strategies through a guaranteed curriculum of videos, workbooks, and live conferences.

“Through motivational coaching and direct goal setting, my teachings are available to anyone who seeks major changes in career, finance and relations. My teachings are effective, simple applications customized to your daily lifestyle that have the ability to change your life,” states McCarthy.

You can say ‘good-bye’ to negativity and ‘hello’ to enthusiasm through this amazing new home business phenomenon.

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