The Lawyer Handling Cases No-One Else Wants

Many lawyers represent unpopular clients, but for UK lawyer Tom Giles, he takes cases that – put simply – no one else wants.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Holidays
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Holidays

The point is, Tom Giles works on detainees – those people from Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations, defending some of Britain’s most unpopular cases in an area of law most lawyers would shun with alacrity.

But more than that – Tom Giles likes his job and he’s good at it. He has fought many to the highest courts in the land and, in a Guardian profile on the fighting lawyer he fights for what is “legally possible”.

The cases are tough, and said. “It’s just sad,” Giles said after one of these sessions. “Very sad. On a human, compassionate level we can all see why he should be allowed to stay. But there’s also what’s legally possible, and the two are not the same.”

The space for what is legally possible has been aggressively and deliberately narrowed
Spending time with Giles makes it clear that the space for what is “legally possible” has been aggressively and deliberately narrowed through a series of decisions all but invisible to most British citizens, The Guardian writes.

In a lengthy piece written about a difficult area of non-glamorous law, this is for those lawyers who celebrate what the law should be about – fighting for justice in cases that are often deeply unpopular and where the legal fees are at best, uncertain – at worst, unpaid.

Source: The Guardian

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