Lawyers Learn to Value Opportunity Risk in New Sales Training Course …

Lawyers Learn to Value Opportunity Risk in New Sales Training Course
Law Firm Marketing Department Gains Methodology for Attorney Marketing and Sales Training

MIAMI- LAWFUEL – The Law Firm Newswire –Effective attorney time utilization and relationship-building techniques are at the heart of a new law firm marketing and business development methodology being introduced to the legal market through the joint efforts of Bristol Strategy Group and Legal Expert Connections.

Selling the SMART Way® for Lawyers is a sales training and attorney marketing program customized for law firms. This specialized version of Selling the SMART Way® provides law firms and attorneys with a framework of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely skills, tools, and methods to increase originations, billable hours, and rate realization on a consistent and predictable basis.

“Attorneys have excellent legal knowledge to help their clients succeed, but they frequently do not have the skills to target and develop new business,” observes Ellen Bristol, president of Bristol Strategy Group. “An attorney who wants to generate $1 million in new business and has only 100 hours to devote to business development faces an opportunity cost risk of $10,000 per hour for every hour they invest in the wrong opportunity or activity. Selling the SMART Way for Lawyers teaches specific business development skills that maximize law firm marketing initiatives.”

Selling the SMART Way® for Lawyers is a series of three one-day workshops featuring various aspects of sales training and law firm marketing. Day 1 features account selection strategies and client profiling techniques, with an emphasis on strategic positioning, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Day 2 focuses on attorney marketing plans, generating more business from current clients and managing referrals. Day 3 helps law firm marketing departments manage the business development process for maximum productivity, including performance targets, reporting and pipeline metrics.

“Law firm marketing is a process and not an event,” said Margaret Grisdela, president of Legal Expert Connections. “Selling the SMART Way® for Lawyers delivers attorney marketing plans that serve as a roadmap to help attorneys create successful business development programs.”

All three workshops, available individually or as a group, are offered in conjunction with a firm’s marketing department. The in-house law firm marketing team reviews training materials prior to presentation. Marketers attend the training programs at no cost so they can support attorney marketing and business development programs during implementation.

About Bristol Strategy Group, Inc.

Bristol Strategy Group delivers sales force effectiveness through a combination of sales strategy training, on-going implementation support and allied technology solutions. Ellen Bristol, President and Founder, developed Selling the SMART Way, a process-driven sales architecture that delivers consistent predictable growth and competitive distinction by transforming a company’s sales function into a strategic, productive engine.

About Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Legal Expert Connections specializes in law firm marketing, attorney marketing, and business development in the legal and litigation support markets. The firm, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, serves as a law firm marketing department, specializing in speaking engagements, article placement, Internet marketing, law firm brochures, websites and more in addition to attorney marketing training. Margaret Grisdela, the President, is author of the upcoming book entitled “Courting Your Clients: The Essential Guide to Legal Marketing.”

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