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The current trend of corporate world demand constant improvement, organizations are paying full attention towards it and many steps are follow to impart improvement, and their greatest concerns are their human resource, many programs are organized to motivate them so they can explore new horizon of their abilities. Coaching and self-development programs are organized to sharpen their edges. Clemmer group is creating its own impression in executive coaching programs. The founder of the group Jim Clemmer is brilliant orator and writer.

Jim clemmer has emerged as one of the finest executive coach of his time he is famous for his powerful keynotes, encouraging writing and influential workshops. Few of his books have become smashing hit in past few years. Many big governmental and private organizations have benefited from his work, his recent works like The Leader’s Digest, Moose on the Table and Pathway to Performance are recommended for general reading also, it is not only useful for the professional growth but it is also recommended for personal growth as well. Most of his work emphasizes on leadership quality and time management. His writings are must read not only for professional purpose but for personal growth also.

The clemmer group is famous for its interactive fun filled and educational activities. You can participate in his leadership quiz to assess your self or join his newsletter to keep your self-update, just log on to http://www.jimclemmer.com

Company details
City Name: Toronto
Contact Name: Aidan Crawford
Company Name: The CLEMMER Group
Mailing Address: 309 Bain Ave, Toronto, On, Canada
City / State / Zip (or City / Country)
Phone: 416-371-2680
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.jimclemmer.com

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