Legal Jobs – Is The Billable Hour Going The Way Of The Dodo? – Legal Jobs News – Is the Six-Minute Billing Debacle going the way of the Dodo?

The billable hour is regarded by some as the scourge of the legal profession, as if everything and anything worth a dollar must be broken down into the magic six minute units. But things are a-changing with the billable hour and a Mexican law firm and one or two firms north of the border are leading the charge against the practice.

May Cruz Consultores is a boutique commercial law firm who have experimented with some more creative billing techniques designed to maintain profitability without annoying clients with the billable hour.
According to managing partner Robert May, the elimination of hourly billing came as the result of the firm´s desire to innovate and provide added value to its services. “We have never gotten a complaint about our billing, but we believe the future of legal services will be based on fair-value billing instead of charging for time. Our firm prides itself on leadership in providing value for our clients, and implementing a fairer billing system is just part of that continuing effort.”

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