Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Linux dedicated server and dedicated server hosting can be highly beneficial to a business person’s website and business needs. Both are operating systems for servers. The customer obtains a program from a hosting company, but there are different ways to obtain these items. Linux was developed by Linux Tornados of Finland in conjunction with other developers from all over the world and dedicated server was developed at the University of California at Berkeley. These software packages make it possible for particular websites to run efficiently. Both are free and very low-cost to maintain. Because of the companies’ non-profit position, they often share technological advances in file systems and operating systems and share many similar features.

There are both benefits and disadvantages when choosing one of these options. Linux is known for a high level of support. There are plenty of options out there for technical support. In addition, a user can do his own research online if that person should run into problems with the server. Yet, it is not likely that he will. Linux dedicated server web hosting is known for its reliability. They are considered very dependable. Linux can only handle so much network traffic. A major disadvantage for Linux Dedicated Servers web hosting is that security is not top-notch. Many inexperienced programmers can change code base. However, the server does have firewall protection and security tools.

Both systems are easy to obtain. To get Linux dedicated server web hosting, since both are operating systems, not software, a user doesn’t necessarily install it on his computer. He downloads what’s called a distribution. Depending on the amount of space on the computer and what the user plans to use the system for, he can choose the right distribution. Before downloading a system, the user should have a high-speed Internet connection and ISO images for the distribution.

But when most the services are based on ASP (active server pages) and sql server database system we need to go for windows for this purpose. But when we are about to consider the technical expertise we need to go for windows servers because windows is providing a lot of interface which could be easily understand by a newbie in the dedicated server environment. But when it comes for the linux environment he should be expertise enough to survive on it. The person using linux should have a good command over the programming rather than just clicking as in the windows environment for the dedicated server hosting.

Finally, any one can modify Linux Operating system to improve its features and performance.Linux is very secured operating system as most of the viruses does not affect. Where as, Microsoft windows is easily vulnerable to many kind of viruses.

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