London Law Firm Targeted in Cyber Attack Affecting Client Data

London law firm Gateley PLC announced this week that it had been targed by a cyber attack after the firm discovering unauthorised activity on the firm’s network.

The firm issued a statement saying that they had quickly identified the intrustion and acted to secure their systems to minimize the collection of client data as a result of the breach.

The statement said that based on the information gathered to date, “we are confident that our security controls were effective in limiting the impact of the incident which has been confined to a very small part of our data store, approximately 0.2% of our data.

“The incident has been reported to the necessary authorities and regulators including the National Crime Agency, Action Fraud and the Information Commissioner’s Office. We are working with experienced cyber security professionals to support our investigation and identify any parties that may have been affected. The impacted data did include some client data but there is no evidence currently to suggest that the affected data has been further disseminated. We will, of course, contact anyone affected in due course.  We have carefully but rapidly re-established our core systems to enable us to continue to work and communicate with our clients, suppliers and intermediaries.

Rod Waldie, Chief Executive Officer of Gateley, Rod Waldie said the firm were continuing to work with specialist cyber security professionals to investigate the incident and identify any parties that may have been affected and we will, of course, contact anyone affected in due course. In the meantime, we are restoring all of our systems in a safe and secure manner as quickly as possible and do not expect at this stage any significant disruption to our day-to-day activities or financial performance.”

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