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LONDON– LAWFUEL – The Law News Network –Michael Cherney, the Israel-based businessman, announced today that he is committed to donating the proceeds of a future settlement of his claim against Rusal to his charitable fund, the Michael Cherney Foundation.

The amount could total $600 million of new international spending, whose purpose is to promote human rights, with a special focus on religious rights of all faiths and especially the rights of women emphasising the care and development of children. The foundation also funds humanitarian and educational projects.

Mr. Cherney has a home in London and he has pledged to do all he can to help support UK citizens and the British Government in the fight against terrorism and extremism. From the UK Parliament, Lord Pearson and Baroness Cox have joined with Mr. Cherney promoting humanitarian causes and in the battle against radicalism.

Projects that have received funding range from Moscow’s Faculty of Maimonides Classical Jewish Academy, stipends for young Israeli artists, prominent Israeli equestrian athlete Olga Sirozh, a rehabilitation wing at Beit Levenshteyn Hospital for gravely injured soldiers, as well as aid for the victims of terrorism.

Speaking today from Tel Aviv, Mr Cherney said: “I want justice to be done and for what is rightfully mine to be returned to me by Mr Deripaska. But I am also aware that we live in troubled times, with human and religious rights under threat. At a time when many are in grave danger and are in need of humanitarian assistance, I believe very strongly that I have a duty to use funds received in this settlement to tackle injustice and need where I see it.”

Note to Editors

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Legal dispute between Michael Cherney and Oleg Deripaska:

Mr Cherney is currently preparing to file a claim for 20 percent of Rusal, the holding he is owed based on his 50-50 partnership with Oleg Deripaska for most of the 1990s. Documents are being filed as part of the case in the London High Court that set out Mr. Cherney’s claim to the stake.

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