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LONDON, ON, Feb. 24 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Info-Tech Research Group analyst Carmi Levy says that the very future of the North American mobile economy is at stake as Judge Spencer hears today’s arguments in whether or not to issue an injunction in the RIM patent suit.

“Continued frivolous litigation of this sort will drag down mobile
e-commerce adoption rates and serve as a disincentive for innovative vendors
to enter the space,” says Levy. “The United States and Canada are already
losing their competitive edge on the global stage: an injunction won’t help

“An injunction would give free reign to patent trolls – those companies
that use the patent system as the exclusive basis for suing other firms over
disputed technology. We are in danger of devolving into an era where
technology companies expend their energy on legal battles rather than
innovation. Shareholder value will decline and the best interests of the
market will be ignored.”

Alternatively, if Judge Spencer ends up ruling in RIM’s favor, Levy says
that such a ruling would take the brakes off of wireless adoption for those
companies that have been waiting on the sidelines for this case to end. More
critically, it frees RIM to compete against a host of new and powerful
competitors and bolsters the future health of the mobile sector.

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