LOS ANGELES, April 10 LAWFUEL – Law Newswire — “Think of Car …

LOS ANGELES, April 10 LAWFUEL – Law Newswire — “Think of Car Talk (if the two mechanics were attorneys) meets Larry King. At Legal Help Live anyone is encouraged to call in and ask a legal question, any question, and get a legal answer.” In Magazine

“Legal Help Live has taken the drama and spontaneity of talk radio,
added the thoughtfulness and some of the humor of a Steve Allen project and put it on television” Santa Monica Mirror

Real L.A. Law: Live, Uncut & Uncensored:
“I was raped recently by my boss, who is CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I don’t know what to do as he is avoiding me, and I’m afraid I’m going to be fired.”

“My son was found dead in his home. There was a gun on the floor and
the police say it was a suicide, but I don’t buy that. What can I do?”

These are just some of the questions asked on Legal Help Live.
Unscripted, educational, entertaining and controversial, Legal Help Live
covers such issues as how to deal with traffic tickets and landlord/tenant problems to criminal issues such as embezzlement, homicide and rape. Legal Help Life covers the gamut.

From Law & Order and CSI to Boston Legal and Court TV, Americans are
obsessed by the workings of the legal system, but only one Los Angeles TV
show gives the real low-down on L.A. law. Hosted by award-winning attorneys
from the law firm of Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson, Legal Help Live answers Angelenos’s legal questions. The show’s original incarnation ran for five years as a radio call in show on KRLA. The TV version, which launched in
2006, airs on channel 16 in Santa Monica and channel 36 in Los Angeles
every Wednesday from 4 to 5 pm. Repeats of the show also air every day at 4 pm in Santa Monica and on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm in Los Angeles. Shot in the Santa Monica City Hall council chambers, Legal Help Live features award- winning attorneys Stephen Solomon, Ralph Saltsman, Stephen Jamieson and Bruce Evans.

It’s Your Call — Homelessness in Our Community is a new, live, call-in
format series airing live from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays from April
25-June 13th on Channels 36 in Los Angeles & City TV 16 in Santa Monica.
The show, which will be hosted by Stephen Solomon and Ralph Saltsman, is
presented by the Westside Hunger & Shelter Coalition in partnership with
the City of Santa Monica to create dialog, discussion, share viewpoints,
and address various solutions.

For information: Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson 800.405.4222


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