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LOS ANGELES, April 5 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — DecisionQuest, Inc., today announced the launch of a new website, http://www.DecisionQuest.com, providing easy access to decades of research, trial tips and articles derived from its work as one of the nation’s leading trial consulting firms. This content-rich site
puts hundreds of the company’s most useful and informative trial preparation
tools, research reports and documents at the fingertips of users.

“For decades, DecisionQuest has offered trial consulting services to
leading law firms and corporate counsel around the world — providing guidance
and tools to attorneys in all stages of trial, from before the case is filed
through post trial, and everywhere in between,” said Dr. Philip Anthony,
DecisionQuest CEO. “Our new website demonstrates, by making decades of
materials easily searchable and instantly available, our broad knowledge and
expertise in the trial consulting field.”

“This new website is dynamic, powerful and loaded with content,” said
legal marketing expert Burkey Belser of Greenfield/Belser, the site’s
designer. “We work with hundreds of companies in the legal marketing space,
and DecisionQuest’s ability to share such a wealth of knowledge is a luxury
afforded to only the true leaders in the marketplace.”

All content is cross-referenced and can be found through a simple key word
search. Documents currently available now include:

* Approximately a dozen nationwide surveys conducted during the past seven
years, including the 2004 “Reuters/DecisionQuest Poll Showing Most
Americans Have Lost Trust in Leaders over the Last Four Years”

* Nearly 100 articles on various aspects of trial preparation, including:
— “The Appeal of Junk Science”
— “Bridging the Juror Information Gap: Five Best Practices for
Learning More About Jurors”
— “Technology is a Tool, Not a Case Strategy in the Courtroom”

* 35 “Questions of the Month,” spanning the past four years, covering
topics such as:
— “How would you handle multiple objections before a jury?”
— “In harassment suit involving explicit language and graphic
descriptions, how should you handle voir dire?”
— “Should a witness make eye contact with the jury?”

* 40 “Trial Tips” such as:
— “How to Say We’re Sorry?”
— “How long should an opening statement be?”
— “Searching for a ‘Smart’ Juror”

“We will continue to populate the new site with our entire knowledgebase
of public information, while adding new research and articles as they are
completed,” added Anthony. “Ideally, our new website will become one of the
first tools attorneys turn to when facing a new case.”
The website is organized to match the core consulting services offered by
DecisionQuest, making it easy to navigate and the ultimate resource for
attorneys in every stage of trial.

Sections include:
* Trial Consulting & Research
* Strategic Communications
* Courtroom Graphics
* Technology Tools

About DecisionQuest
Los Angeles-based DecisionQuest, a Bowne company, is one of the nation’s
leading trial consulting firms and specializes in jury research, demonstrative
exhibits, jury selection, courtroom technology, litigation software, discovery
services, and strategic communications. DecisionQuest applies the rigors of
social science research and the persuasive powers of multimedia graphic design
to the problems faced by law firms, corporations and public agencies. The
company has more than 160 employees and 14 offices nationwide, including those
in Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC. DecisionQuest can be
accessed via the Internet at http://www.decisionquest.com.

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